Los Angeles One Direction Street Team

Hey everyone and welcome to the Los Angeles One Direction Street Team! Our goal is to spread the word of One Direction not only in Los Angeles, but worldwide with the help of tumblr and twitter! Much love!x
Have you heard?

There’s a new date for the One Direction World Tour in 2013! It will still be at the Staples Center for August 8th. **The August 7th isn’t canceled just so you know. Hope to meet some new people there!(= I’ll either be “working” there or what not heh. xx


We are so so so so sorry! If you guys don’t know we are juniors (11th grade) in high school right now! This is our most important year and we are tremendously busy with taking the SAT/ACT, getting ready for AP Testing, and CSTs! Ack, please forgive us! We’ll get the cookie man to send you all some cookies!

We promise to be on more! Oh and also, we got tickets to the GIBSON AMPHITHEATER CONCERT! If any of you are going hit us up and we can meet up! xx







they’re up at 7:30 Canadian time…


Harry Styles, 2,000,000 Twitter followers!


Better With U Tour!

Hey everyone, so as you all know that the Better With U tour has started BUT One Direction has yet to perform. I personally dislike how they aren’t opening for every concert but hey I guess the management does what they want. In other news, I believe the 24th is the big day for One Direction where they will make their first opening performance at the Rosemont Theatre! LET US CALIFORNIANS WATCH IN AWE THROUGH THE COMPUTER SCREEN! x

If we get more than 200+ followers we’re going to start selling things too!(=

Day 2 & 3 & 4.

The boys pratically spent Sunday in their hotel since it was their only day off. They did however, come out to meet the fans about two or three times. Oh, and the photoshoot was that day. At night, Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Louis were spotted at Six Flags while Niall was out shopping apparently.

Yesterday, they got up bright and early in the morning at 6 o clock to shoot the iCarly episode. Harry felt sick near the end of it, but he’s fine now! It was hilarious since Niall kept laughing and they had to re-shoot it so many times. They were also spotted shopping in American Apparel & nearby stores.

Today, the boys were spotted at Disneyland except Zayn has gone missing! He is probably was at Disneyland with them but incognito. Haha. Well, the days still young. I don’t quite think they are still at Disneyland, but I may be wrong.

Don’t forget tomorrow is our baby boy’s birthday! HAZZAAA. x

Day 1.

Hi there lads! So if you haven’t been keeping up, today was One Direction’s first day in Los Angeles. They were first sighted coming out of their hotel in the morning and then seen at the Nickelodeon studios. They have already met with Big Time Rush and the iCarly cast. At night, Liam, Louis, and Niall were also spotted at The Promenade in Santa Monica while Harry and Zayn stayed at the hotel with their stylist.

A lot of conflict has happened today between this fandom. I would just like to point out that everyone definitely deserves a chance to meet the boys. However, they are obviously here in Los Angeles trying to get some work done. Stalking and following them everywhere is not really going to contribute to their work. Please if you do see them, don’t act insane and don’t attack them. They really appreciate all their fans and they take each one into their hearts.

Stay safe you guys x


One Direction will be arriving in Los Angeles today at around 5:30/6 from Heathrow. They will be at LAX to meet up with Big Time Rush. HOWEVER, I make no guarantee that they will be seen since LAX has really strict regulations and they are most likely going to be lead out a security exist.

If you DO end up seeing them please don’t attack them. They flew from Belfast City to Heathrow and from Heathrow to Los Angeles.

I really wish I could go but sadly I don’t have a ride. )=

If you are wondering why they are in Los Angeles, they will be visiting the iCarly set on Monday to film an episode. ALSO, I’m guessing that they will be practicing with Big Time Rush for the Better With U concert.

Stay safe! xx